Personalized Grady Gurlz Notebook

Personalized Grady Gurlz Notebook

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Our Quaderni di Dan Pecci line of hand-bound, high-quality notebooks takes its cue from the Italian tradition by featuring elaborate and gorgeously illustrated covers that playfully reflect a compressed vision of our contemporary culture.

Available in both 5"x8.25" or 7.25"x10" sizes with 48 pages of creamy white, smooth-finished, acid-free paper, these sublime, scuff-resistant, velvet ultra matte laminate notebooks feature original Dan Pecci Co. designs with your choice of plain, lined, graphed, or bulleted pages. You can also personalize any notebook with your name and desired subtitle (e.g. Martha's Notebook; Genevieve's Thoughts; Matthew Leonard / Workbook; etc.) to create the perfect gift for someone special or your very own one-of-a-kind accessory to show off at school, work, or home.

Instructions: fill out the personalization form presented after clicking "Add to Cart" button above with the desired name and subtitle that you'd like to appear on the cover of your notebook. Ordering a standard (no name) notebook without personalization? Just skip the form presented.

Please kindly direct any further inquiries to and we'll be happy to address them!

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